Coding Classes
Let’s help educate your kids for the digital era!

Register your child for the Avena kids’ coding classes to build a solid foundation in technological skills through interactive hands-on learning while fostering a solid foundation in STEM for your child.

Avena interactive is a social impact-focused education technology company based in Tallinn Estonia. Our aim is to foster inclusive learning for all children through fun, interactive and localised learning. Our classes are virtual based with real-time instructors and are customised to suit your child’s needs.

Looking for a fun, creative and engaging way to introduce your child to a world of coding and artificial intelligence then be sure to have your child signed up for Avena kids coding classes to build their coding skills through interactive hands-on learning. Our classes are for children within the age range of 4 – 12.

What to expect

– Fun game-based curriculum
– Experienced tutors
– Solid foundation for your child in STEM skills
– Flexible learning schedule to suit your child’s skills and needs

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