Our Aim

We care about education and culture and we want to do something about it.
Avena Interactive is in business to provide equitable learning opportunities for every child around the world, especially children from disadvantaged regions in Africa.

Avena Interactive aims to develop engaging multimedia, imaginative games and interactive toys to teach academic skills, empathy, multilingualism, critical thinking, active listening and a lifelong appreciation for learning to children within their early developmental journey.

We believe that quality education should be accessible by every child and not stalled because of a language barrier. We are driven by our love for laying a strong educational foundation for the bright futures of children so they can all have equitable access to learning resources. Our goal is to impact up to 1 million economically and educationally disadvantaged kids across Africa by 2027 starting from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Gambia.

Why We Built The iBOX

According to UNESCO, about 10.5 million of the children aged 5-14 years in Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa are not in school. Our goal is to equip these children with learning resources to give them a chance at an equal opportunity to acquire a strong educational background through our solution- the iBox. The iBox does not require internet connectivity as some of these kids are in remote regions with limited internet penetration, it allows them to learn in their mother tongue as they may not have been within the school walls and may not possess sufficient english language skills as english is a second language to them.

The iBOX is also a tool to boost cultural curiosity for children who have not interacted with their first language. We understand that many parents within Nigeria and Abroad are concerned that their children can not speak their local languages (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, etc.) and may lose touch with their cultural background, the iBox caters to this need as it engages children and teaches them in both their mother tongue and english language through fun play time hereby fostering their linguistic ability and cultural identity knowledge.
According to UNESCO; bilingual and multilingual learning at all levels of education is a means of promoting both social and gender equality as a key element of linguistically diverse societies.


Giving Back

As a social impact company, we are driven to create social educational benefits to give back to children from economically disadvantaged regions which is why we give back 20% of all iBOX sales to schools and families in remote regions across Africa, we do this by donating 20 ibox to schools in remote region in Africa for every 100 iBOX sold. Our goal is to impact up to 1 million economically and educationally disadvantaged kids across Africa by 2027 starting from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Gambia.

Our ultimate goal is to give every child around the world an equal opportunity to high quality learning resources to build an amazing generation of culturally aware, curious and eager to learn minds!

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